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The agents are due to be tortured, and everyone knows their information will be extracted. I do think he has some vague, mostly subconscious idea that he is already hopelessly stained with blood, so he might as well continue on, and at least let others keep their hands clean. (So for example, post-Bespin, when Vader has “captured” Luke and Leia and is due to take them back to Coruscant, he needs to ditch his detachment of stormtroopers and replace them with Rebels disguised as stormtroopers. Any of the other Rebels would have faced a moral dilemma about what to do with the Imperials. Anakin just kills them. please do not talk to me about the star wars sequel trilogy!

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ok. ? -------? -------. Links and all that shit: Twatter: Patronize: Ask me stuff: My music: Thanks for watching. The gameplay is relatively simple, there is one protagonist, a bunch of close combat weapons that tend to do a lot of damage, a few ranged attacks that do little damage, and usually a colorful array of thousands and thousands of enemy mooks to hack and slash through until you get to the oversized bossfight.

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the free, family-friendly event offered food vendors, artists, roller derby girls, one drone, bands and herds of people stopping every five yards to chat with someone they know. Not surprisingly, our day was spent soaking up the 89-degree weather in and out of vendor booths and beer gardens - listing to the bands on the neighboring stages and catching up with friends. The 16th annual Art on the Ave housed five stages and more than 120 arts and crafts vendors. Here is a tiny portion of what we enjoyed. LINK: 253 Weekend festival action for Saturday July 12. I myself am a Star Wars fan, mathlete, and spelling bee champion of long standing, so trust me: I grok whereof I speak.

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Life-cycle assessment methodology was then used to estimate lifetime energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for each scenario, from cradle to grave. One key finding is that autonomous vehicles with electric powertrains have lifetime greenhouse gas emissions that are 40 percent lower than vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines. The authors found that the sensing and computing subsystems in connected and automated vehicles could increase a vehicle's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 3 to 20 percent due to increases in power consumption, weight and aerodynamic drag. But the operational benefits of autonomous vehicles, which include smoother, more efficient traffic flow, are expected to outweigh those increases in most cases. The study also notes that: Wireless data transmissions needed for onboard navigation maps are a significant contributor to a CAV's energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions—and the resolution of the maps makes a huge difference. Standard-definition maps result in lifetime greenhouse gas emissions that are 35 percent lower than the emissions generated when high-definition maps are transmitted over a 4G LTE network.

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Squeeze between two busses over Lambeth Bridge, just as Harry did, but rather than travelling in the Night Bus you will be in your very own restored classic Mini Cooper. See the inspiration behind Diagon Alley and where the Leaky Cauldron was shot. You will see film locations featured in all of the films from the Philosopher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows. Whether you wish to be Harry, Ron or Hermione, retrace the stars’ footsteps and recreate the famous scenes for yourself. Take a seat in your stylish Mini Cooper — a real British design classic — and zoom off through the city streets. Take in famous landmarks like Covent Garden, the Houses of Parliament, The Shard, or St.